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Outstanding Handmade British pottery


Errington Reay Salt Glazed Strawberry Pot

Beautifully traditional, these salt glazed decorative pots will add classical elegance to any garden or outdoor area.

Errington Reay Courtyard Urn

Britain is famous all over the world for its gardens, capture the feel of an English garden with the Courtyard Collection.

Errington Reay Elementals Planter

Inspired by the earth’s natural elements and the forces that shape them.

Errington Reay Farmyard Collection | Glazed Tyre


COMING SOON Our new Farmyard collection features robust planters adding that quirky homestead feel to your outdoor area.

Lightweight Tudor Range

Our Tudor collection is a selection of lightweight planters that encapsulate the English garden renaissance era.

Errington Reay Special Art Pieces | On of a kind

These are unique in style and design. You will not find 2 pieces the same and you certainly won’t be able to buy them anywhere else.

Errington Reay Accessories

A full range of accessories to complement each of our products. Add pedestals and pot feet to protect pots from frost damage and improve drainage.

Errington Reay Water Features

Make a statement in your garden. These Water Features will look fantastic in any garden, large or small.


At Errington Reay we hold workshops
where you can learn how to throw a pot.


There are always different events going on at Errington Reay, pottery workshops, tours weekend sales. We have a great selection on our website but there is so much more to see in our factory shop. You just have to look at our Instagram account to see all the different types of products we sell at great prices.

Pottery Tour

Join us for a tour behind the workshop doors and see our potters at the wheel. Get a feel for what goes into the creation of each piece and the skill required. Karl will talk about the process that goes into making the pots, the history of ER and how the kiln is fired, answering all your questions along the way. This is a FREE event.

Big Pots

One of a kind
We have selected the finest unique handmade planters, brought to you by like-minded artisans from around the world. One of a kind limited items, hand crafted each with their unique style. These items are very large and because each item is different, once you have placed your order we will send you some pictures of the actual item you will receive so you are fully happy with the product before shipping. Because of the nature of these products once you have confirmed you are happy to receive your order they will be non returnable.

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