Tapered dash planter


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This limited edition planter has been handmade by our potters in small batches and fired in the first soda firing in 25 years at Errington Reay, creating a special piece for the garden.

In this atmospheric firing technique a soda and salt mix is introduced into the traditional Beehive kiln at high temperatures. The salt helps to disperse the soda more evenly over the pots in the large kiln. The mix vapourises in the kiln and combines with the silica in the clay to create naturally forming patterns on the pots giving each piece a truly unique style. Colour variations are achieved from the pot placement within the kiln, those high on the stacks getting a heavy soda flash resulting in green tones and those towards the base of the kiln resulting in a more buff earthy brown. With many beautiful shades in between, the kiln ultimately having the final say on the finished look of each pot.

Size 45 Dia 28 Ht cm

Only 2 left in stock

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