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  • XL Saucer


    Carton Delivery As well as our superb range of pots and planters, Errington Reay has a full range of accessories to complement each of our products. It is important to raise pots off the ground for drainage and to protect valuable surfaces. We supply a variety of pot feet and saucers which are attractive as well as functional. Size XL 45 Dia 6.5  Ht cm

  • One of a kind Extra large urn. A bellied, smooth glazed body with 4 decrotive handles. A textured old stone coloured neck and top, with a wide opening. Colour Blue/old stone Size 65 Dia 90 Ht cm
  • One of a kind Extra large planter with a flat rim and wide opening. A textured rustic top in a dark sandstone colour going into a smooth glazed body in cream, sea green and ocean blue. Size 70 Dia 90 Ht cm
  • One of a kind Extra large cylinder with a textured rustic top in a dark sandstone colour with a bronze tint running into a smooth high shine gloss black body. Size 45 Dia 88 Ht cm
  • XL Ribbed bellied pot Colour Old stone Size 74 Dia 68 Ht cm Also available in Large Size 54 Dia 43 Ht cm Listed under big pots below 50cm
  • XL planter

    One of a kind XL planter in a smooth finish. Colour matt black Size 70 Dia 69 Ht cm
  • One of a kind XL bellied pot with a geometric square dimple design. In a matt finish. Colour olive green Size 62 Dia 70 Ht cm
  • Extra large planter in a textured lava finish. Small area near the base of the pot where the glaze hasn't taken as seen in pictures, hence reduced price. Colour white Size 60 Dia 100 Ht cm
  • One of a kind XL planter with a smooth hi-shine finish. Colour Blue Size 67 Dia 89 Ht cm
  • XL Bellied ribbed pot. Thick walled and with a large rim. Colour Iron stone, smooth finish Size 72 Dia 70 Ht cm
  • One of a kind Extra tall slimline cylinder with a high shine gloss finish. Colour midnight blue Size 45 Dia 100 Ht cm
  • Wild river The second in a collection of unique handmade salt glazed low bowls taking inspiration from the movement of water. This large rustic low bowl has patterned handles and the makers finger impressions can be seen on the outside of the bowl where they have been pressed into place, creating a natural hold for if the bowl needs to be lifted. A white slip base was applied to the inside of the bowl finished with varying thickness of a cobalt glaze to mimic a fast flowing river. Size 47 Dia 9 Ht cm
  • Errington Reay Garden Pottery

    Webster Planter

    Carton Delivery The Manor House Collection is based on the Warwick Vase, an ancient Roman marble vase with Bacchic ornament discovered at Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli, Rome about 1771 by Gavin Hamilton, a Scottish painter-antiquarian and art dealer Large 61 Dia 57 Ht cm Medium 45 Dia 44 Ht cm Small 30 Dia 32 Ht cm
  • Contemporary design. Pot with waved bands in a metallic gun metal grey. Size 38 Dia 42 Ht cm
  • Tall waved body cylinder. Main colour is blue with turquoise and black flares running from the base. Size 42 Dia 80 Ht cm
  • Tall cylinder with a waved body. Colour Blue Size 42 Dia 80 Ht cm