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  • XL blue urn

    One of a kind Extra large urn planter with a rolled top rim and 4 handles on the shoulder with a curled and lined detailing. Size 56 Dia 106 Ht cm Colour Ocean Blue
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    One of a kind Extra large urn. A bellied, smooth glazed body with 4 decrotive handles. A textured old stone coloured neck and top, with a wide opening. Colour Blue/old stone Size 65 Dia 90 Ht cm
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    XL Saucer


    Carton Delivery As well as our superb range of pots and planters, Errington Reay has a full range of accessories to complement each of our products. It is important to raise pots off the ground for drainage and to protect valuable surfaces. We supply a variety of pot feet and saucers which are attractive as well as functional. Size XL 45 Dia 6.5  Ht cm

  • Extra large cylinder with a waved body in a two tone glaze. Brown glazed rim with a metallic shimmer and high shine deep blue body in a smooth finish. Size 54 Dia 83 Ht cm
  • One of a kind Extra large cone shaped planter with a wide opening. Waved design in a smooth deep blue glaze. Size 58 Dia 88 Ht cm
  • Extra large cylinder planter with an inverted rim. An off white glaze with tinges of blue around the rim. There are some imperfections in the glaze hence the reduced price, this doesn't effect the overall structure of the planter and is purely cosmetic. Size 55 Dia 120 Ht cm 25 cm Dia at base