• Decorative pottery garden sphere. Hollow sphere shaped ornament with a flat base for positioning. Colour speckled duck egg blue Size 30 Dia 30 Ht cm
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    One of a kind Tall cylinder planter with a flat rim featuring a diamond and pin imprinted pattern in a green glaze with a textured lava rust cascade down one side of the planter. Size 43 Dia 86 Ht cm
  • Slimline planter with a bright red glazed top, decorated with subtle patterning contrasted by a matt black body. Size 25 Dia 36 Ht cm
  • Planter with a prominent rim and a dimple imprinted body. Glazed in red, ochre and green. Size 49 Dia 38 Ht cm
  • One of a kind Square planter with a sea blue glazed body and a contrasting textured lava top. Size 41 D 41 W 59 Ht cm
  • Tall square twisted planter giving it a unusual shape that will stand out in the garden. In a bright orange glaze. Size 39 D 39 W 88 Ht cm
  • Xl planter

    This oversized planter will make a real statement with its size, ideal for planting trees. Extra large planter with a bellied body and flat rim in a smooth blue glaze. Size 67 Dia 89 Ht cm
  • Large planter with a prominent rim and patterned banding underneath. In a blue mottled glaze. Size 60 Dia 56 Ht cm
  • An unusual planter with a bubble effect body in a blue glaze. Very thick walls with a slight hourglass shape and a flat rim. Size 36 Dia 65 Ht cm
  • One of a kind Vintage look planter with a striking turquoise glaze contrasted against a murky green/brown giving an old world feel to this planter. Decorated with a leaf and branch imprinted design. Size 30 dia 49 Ht cm
  • Extra large planter with a flat rim in a blue glaze. This is a huge pot with a wide opening making it ideal for many plants, the shape makes it an ideal planter if large plants or trees need to be re-potted further down the line. Size 66 Dia 71 Ht cm
  • This tall large planter has a bellied middle and flat rim in a deep blue glaze an eye catching piece for the garden. Size 48 Dia 92 Ht cm
  • One of a kind Large tall planter with a textured lava accent on one side contrasting against the smooth glazes. Size 45 Dia 92 Ht cm
  • One of a kind Large tall planter with an inturned rim with raised line and dot detail in vertical lines going around the planter. Finished in a light blue to dark glaze. Size 42 Dia 92 Ht cm
  • Low bowl

    Wide low bowl planter in a cream glaze featuring a patterned band with unglazed highlights. Drainage hole in base. Size 62 Dia 25 Ht cm
  • One of a kind Tall cylinder planter with a flat rim in colourful glazes. There has been some repair work where a split has occured on the rim and mainly inside pre firing. This has been reflected in the price of this large planter and does not effect the stability of the pot. Size 48 Dia 88 Ht cm


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